System Designation: Khorrama I
Common Name: Elamine
Orbital Bodies
Major Cities
Starports or Spaceports
Phoenix Point
Affiliation : Contested
United Empire
Parsin Sultanate

Elamine is a world under the control of the Parsin Sultanate. It is the first planet orbiting the Khorrama System.

The planet is a small terrestrial world, possessing a thin, but breathable atmosphere. It’s surface is covered by about 22% liquid water making it one of the driest in the system. However, the world once possessed a much more prevalent quantity of liquid water. As these seas evaporated, the mineral riches suspended in them were deposited in thick layers across the planet’s surface.

As a result of this, the planet is rich in silicates, salts and some heavy metals such as manganese and iridium. The rocky crust is also rich in other minerals, making Elamine a mineral rich world. The climate is not friendly however, presenting a number of challenges, including hot dry periods and massive weather patterns. As a result of this, the planet hosts only a series of small mining colonies and outposts with a maximum planet-wide population of about 100,000 permanent inhabitants.

The population is clustered around the three industrialized colonies of Kaladar, Hissan and Medes.

In recent years, ecotourism has become an emerging economic contributor. Efforts to practice responsible mining and ecological conservation have aided in the growth of this new industry.

The Planet has access to modern technologies, and is considered about average for the Stellar Age. They possess numerous commodities, have access to modern medicine, education and technology.

This in turn, along with the mining industry present on the planet allows the planet to support a large central spaceport. This spaceport, known as Phoenix Point, supports intrasystem transportation and shipping and acts as a planetary hub for resource distribution.



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